Kata-kata aku mungkin bukanlah bak seorang pujangga yang sedang berbunga hatinya ..

Saturday, August 13, 2011

empty promises

promises are made to be broken..

i hate empty words...
empty words that have been given to me..

sometimes i feel so damn free without certain people
sometimes i feel i am no one without certain people..

COCKY ?  ur 1st impression of me is not wrong...
haha i have to admit it since one of my classmate told my fren 'eh i wonder why i dun talk much to her'
lol.. HER <--- me ..

PRETENDING no more la leyhaa..
life has its own limitation... :)
the one who will make ur life interesting and worthfull is you..

great .. keep walking ..
it is not that bad.. ;D

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