Kata-kata aku mungkin bukanlah bak seorang pujangga yang sedang berbunga hatinya ..

Saturday, January 31, 2015


As you can see from my phone's wallpaper, its 31st January again! haha
So much blessed from the one up there.
Thank you Allah for giving me so much opportunities and chances for me to continue my life, you gave me the direction of my life.
Today, I've just turned 22 years old with great health, happiness, surrounded by loved ones, families friends foes(eh), and my achievements so far and many more you name it!

Thank you so much to my family especially my big sister for buying me a birthday cake. Yes of course Im the one who demanded for a cake but thnks for granted it for me because for me birthday should be celebrated with a cake! Woke up with a smile, woke up with a cuit kt hidung by puan emak. Ahh! I wanted today to be forever. Ewah!

 Cake is a must! Thank you big sister, it was so delicious I can kerai yo!

went to paradigm mall and Kaklin treat me this! So delishhh i wanna kerai twice!

Edited my by classmate! Azwan!

A post in Ig by Farhana! loves!

Another post by Amirah! So much loves!

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No words could describe how I wanna thanks you guys. You guys did great! From voice notes in whatsapp, facebook, twidder, instagram, wechat, I love chu guys!! Yang doakan panjang umur itu terima kasih, yang doakan dipercepatkan jodoh itu terima kasih, yang doakan sentiasa mendapat rahmat Allah itu terima kasih, yang doakan itu dan ini TERIMA KASIH!

Friday, January 23, 2015


'Love dies, you know?'

' I dont care if you fall in love but just avoid human because they will die and that's the end of them' 'It is too depressing'  HAHA  a dialogue from GEGEGE no Kitaro movie. That was a line from a father to his son which both of them are monsters. Haha I found it funny that I have to put the line here.

Ma ma ma..

Haihhh I dont know but right now Im mentally exhausted. Really exhausted. So deep. The pain is so deep. I guess I just need to find some peace in order to move into another chapter in a book of my life. Somehow I feel like giving up my life. Its not like I wanted to kill myself, die, then live happily ever after, it is just that I feel like I wanted to coop up myself in a small room and do absolutely nothing! I dont wanna face the world and such..But when I think again, I thought that how stupid I am, right. No matter what, I have to face all these things, I have to grow up and create some more dramas. Ha ha ha. So complicated. I just need some dose of positive spirits from people. Ah! I think it is time for some to come and cure my fears, am i wrong? Ha ha ha again. heh just keep pushing to your limit ok leha.

The world can be so mean, sometimes. Haih so much sighs is the only thing I could do right now. Haihhhh drama again.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Here is to the girl who is about to move on..

Kahkah oklah lets find a topic. Well now is a semester break but nah im a bit confused and awkward to call this as semester break coz when next semester begins then I am no longer need to attend classes or do things I used to do but yeah whatever it is, its time to find a place for internship! Well, I did underestimate intership as i thought it was an easy job to find one but i guess i was wrong. Never thought that seeking for internship placement is as hard as to find a BOYFRIEND! Ha ha ha that aint funny, leha! How could you compare your LI to your future boypreng, leha! XD XD XD

Ok ok leha its time to be serious. To my future company, I dont care what kind of company your are, where your company at, and how much allowance you can pay me, as long as you can save a place for me, that is more than enough! Ah how I wish i am still in my elementary year. I cant wait for this internship but at the same time its freaking creepy. But i really hope next time when I open a new topic in this blog, I already been hired by a company, OK?

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

suki kana kirai kana

So it looks like my love cannot even been improved though how hard im trying, and maybe I should just move forward...


Just like you,

I really want to laugh with him too.


Arghh what a pain!
This is one of the reasons why I hate to watch love story movie.
This feeling would haunted me again and my heart would also started to feel kucha-kucha.
Mendokusai na!