Kata-kata aku mungkin bukanlah bak seorang pujangga yang sedang berbunga hatinya ..

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Husna's wedding

YO !
its June 2nd and my day started as early as 9.30.. that was all because Apek asked me to accompany him to attend Husna's akad nikah ceremony. Haha funny but he said the most precious moment is not kenduri makan2 one but the moment when our friend diijabkabulkan.

Favorite photo of the day

And after that, we had small reunion with these friends. Had small talks and i am so glad to still have these people yo. ahaks

Favourite people since form2

Again..congratulation to Husna, for becoming a wife at the age of 20. Im wishing you to have an awesome and wonderful life with your husband.

btw apsal siak bukak entri tulih omputih?!!!! sebab bi aku dah terabur dan sangatlah awkward wey -..-

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