Kata-kata aku mungkin bukanlah bak seorang pujangga yang sedang berbunga hatinya ..

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

scariest thing on earth

I feel like crying out loud cos I never thought that the world could be as scary as a ghost, as scary as an injection, as scary as a cockroach and any other things that Ive been feared since I was born!


I am so scared to face the future me!
I just want the february to stop as my practical basically would start on March!
To be honest, I have not guts at all to face the company, the people, the department, and everything!
Such a drama queen but who cares because that is exactly things that are currently running through my head! Sick! >.<

Positive vibes I need some dose of positive vibes!!!!!!

Chill la leha. Chill la >.<

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