Kata-kata aku mungkin bukanlah bak seorang pujangga yang sedang berbunga hatinya ..

Friday, August 28, 2015

final result. final result.

Wow the pain is real.
You know you are in trouble when you realized that some shits just get real out of blue.
I don't know why Im being so rebellious these days.

Whatever it is, my degree's results were out last Friday. I'm afraid. but its just too late to regret. Although I wasn't THAT surprise when I saw the results, but nah.. never thought this thing could affected me as I just found that I would lost my appetite when I am stress.

Entahlah. Penat bermain dengan emosi. I am happy but at the same time, I am fucking lonely. No words could describe how I really feel right now. Entahlahhhhh

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